Save the Jar - Mission #1

by Montenegro

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Here's the report of the first mission of Montenegro in search of the Ancient Jar


released May 14, 2015

Recorded in two days of high alcohol content at Hotpot Recordings in Bologna, April 2015.
Mixed and mastered by Hotpot Recordings themselves.

Montenegro are:

DAVE J. VODKA: Screams, vodka endorser
ZIMMY DRY MARTINI: 4-strings low frequencies, extremely belligerant drinker
FLAMIN' GENE TONIC: 6-strings furious soloism, foreign accent
HELLVIRA SUNRISE: 6-strings noise production, slavic quota
RIKI JAMESON: Straight 4/4 rhythm, sleep standing




Montenegro Bologna, Italy

Montenegro were ideally born in 2013 while Dave, Zimmy and Riki were going to a Bad Religion's show in Bologna listening to some band such as Zeke and Hellacopters and sharing their common passion for rock'n'roll and alcohol.
Then they became a real band almost a year later during an alcohol full night at Vanilia & Comics bar when they took on board Gene and Hellvira.
This is the story so far...
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Track Name: Bull Shot
I'm wandering in the desert
I am thirsty as fuck
May be an illusion what I see
in this riff filled land?

Purple clouds are covering the sky
I feel my mouth soaked with sand
Lost my path and lost my mind
In this mess I'm seeing her deep blue eyes

I'm wandering in this desert
I don't know where I'm going
I am caught in some allucination
in this lysergic land

This time for sure I'm not gonna make it
My last wish is a frozen glass
By which time I've given up all hope
In the distance there appears her face

I'm coming back from the desert
I'm not thirsty anymore
I was caught in some nightmarish trip
and she saved me again

Somber clouds are covering the sky
I feel my mouth filled with gold
found my path, but not my mind
She's my blessing and the endless downfall
Track Name: Braulio
In the middle of the journey of our life
I met a girl who was interested in my jar
I really thought there was something kinda weird
But then I said to me "who cares?"
Let me get into the dark forest
And lower the crest!

Baby, here's your wonderland
Made by shaved dickheads
Here's your wonderland
Speeches by retarded trash

Don't give a shit about the Two of Spades
This one's for you, it has only one shade
Don't mess with the Jack of Hearts
I'm not your puppet, I come to see your cards

You're not the center
of the universe
You're just surrounded
by mindless shitheads

Fuck you!

Oh baby, where's your wonderland?
This blues goes to you and you should feel ashamed
Oh, don't fuck with the Jack of Hearts
Now I'm your master, I come to crush your cards

The only goal I care about
is the mission with my gang
So you better get out!
Track Name: Moscow Mule
I was lost in the darkness
No trace of my brothers in crime
When I see an old cabin
Someone invites me to get in...

Certainly I'm scared
but I cannot escape
I feel uneasy
What awaits me in there?

I walk through the front door
A cold shiver runs through my back
Ugly faces are staring at me
Sunddenly the light turns off

Something binds me
touches me, make me sit
Oh what the hell,
what nightmare is that?

So the torture has begun
Cauterize, mesmerize
Every time I lose consciousness
I get awakened by force

Now I realize
what they wanted from me
The secret is safe
They never bent me that night
I ran away
far away from that land
Track Name: Montenegro
We like to gamble
We love to cheat
We roll and ramble
and hate police
We're a bunch of rebels
all dressed in black
Beware of us
We're Montenegro!

Kiss my ass

Our holy mission
on behalf of the Lord
We seek the relic
filled with blood
To this target
is devoted our life
save the Jar!

Kiss my ass

Oh mother
please forgive us... Now!

I tell you that
this story has not an end
This quest is for those
who do not bend
We keep searching
against all odds
Beware of us
We're Montenegro!

Kiss my ass!

Kick your ass!
You die!